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Here at Fineprint Nottingham, we are always looking to grow our service to you. Lockdown gave us a unique opportunity to take stock of where we are as a company, therefore we are delighted to introduce our new Studio Manager, Rich Gilman & to let you know that not only can we produce top quality printing, but we can also now help design it for you.

I am very happy to join the Fineprint family. I have over 13 years of industry experience and I’m well versed in the print trade. Understanding how colour works on different papers and finishes, the pitfalls of registration black, overprint and bleed are all things I am used to looking for when it comes to designing for print.

I have worked for many local printers in the past and spent time at a local newspaper company and even a car dealership. I have fond memories of working at a little printers straight from university in Ilkeston doing all that is required in Studio.

I have a Degree in Graphic Design and must say this is my main passion. Creating a design even something small is thrilling knowing that it will go on to help someone and their business and helping during this pandemic is a great feeling.

I also have a zeal for technology and enjoy learning new skills, I think this is what drove me to understand HTML and CSS to increase my skills in Web design.

Using our
in-house design service can give you peace of mind as I have a clear understanding of the technical specifications required for designing for print for example packaging where getting the design right with regards to folds, creases, flaps etc is essential for the final product. You are in safe hands, with years of print knowledge at my back you can be confident that your design will be print ready with bleed, ink level tolerance, cutter profiles, colour profiles and any other technical printing aspects checked and ready to go.

So, if you need any help with design for your material, for just a small tweak or a brand-new design, from logos & business forms through to brochures & packaging. Please get in touch with us & we’d be happy to discuss your requirements. A helping hand towards your goal.

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Having an in-house designer means we can see the job all the way through from conception to delivery ensuring a seamless service with a perfect outcome.
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